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To a Happy and Prosperous 2013!
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Happy New Year...Welcome 2012!!
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About Shake a Leg!
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To a Happy and Prosperous 2013!

Hello 2013!
I am very grateful for such a terrific year 2012 brought to Shake a Leg!
2013 promises to have many adventures and surprises as well.
Currently we have over 10 dog visits per day Monday through Friday---that keeps us nice and busy from 10am to 7pm. With this amount of volume, we will need to scale back on the amount of vacation jobs we book this year, so an early booking is highly recommended ( at least 3 months out).
We currently are experimenting with a facebook page and would love if you went and visited it and "like" us! its under Shake a Leg! Professional and Loving Care for pets.
I am also on the look out for a part time helper on a more permanent basis. I do have a small team of terrific people who can help me out occasionally, since they all have full time jobs of their own, but I find I am in need of someone on a more consistent weekly basis. For employment information, please visit the Employment Info page on the website.
Thank you ~Suzanne