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Happy New Year...Welcome 2012!!

I have been so blessed with the great opportunity to have my own business. 2012 will be the 2nd year in business as of April 5th. Many, many thanks to all of my clients and their invaluable support of referring Shake a Leg! to their families and friends.
2011 was an amazing year of growth for us with an average of two new clients per week since about June. With that, I have begun to develop a team of people to join me on the wonderful adventure of being able to take care of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, newts, fish, turtles, etc!!!!
Laurie Bruno along with my husband Chris are part of my team and I am currently interviewing for more professional and animal loving people to help service the many areas surrounding Marlborough.
We welcome 2012 with open arms with the hopes of meeting more amazing people and being able to care for their wonderful beloved pets!
Blessed be,
January 2012