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Anticipating Spring

I was walking with Chardonnay on this cold February afternoon. She is a very gentle and sweet 12 yr old yellow (though primarily white now) Labrador. Her walk is a leisurely one and while I kept my pace slow with her, I (we?)began to contemplate how spring is up and coming. Gentle hints of the new season were all around us today. Through the chill of the air, we could see the water as it was slowly melting under the bed of ice and snow. We lifted our noses up and caught the freshness of the air as the chirping of nearby chickadees sang their song. All of which gave a sense of the anticipated arrival of the wonderful new beginnings of this years flowers, trees and earthling creatures. I am sure I am not alone when I feel how blessed I am to have such great companionship both in my personal and home life. All of the love, kindness and gentleness that are constantly part of my surroundings will follow me into the new season....I can't wait!