Current Availability

DAILY DOG WALKING MONDAY-FRIDAY: As of January 2019 we currently have some availability for daily dog walking Monday through Friday in the Hebron/Amston and Marlborough towns between the hours of 1p and 4p. Please email ( or call/text (860-368-9125) to discuss particular days and time frames.

VACATION PET SITTING: We typically book 1 month in advance for Vacation pet sitting. Please email me (Suzanne) at to see if the week you need pet sitting is available. We are NOT AVAILBLE to do OVERNIGHT petsitiing....but  we do visit 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening and additional visits if needed.

NEW CLIENTS: If you are a new client, in addition to booking a month in advance for vaction pet sitting, please allow at least 1 week before your vacation for us to come to your home and meet you and your pet/s. We will get to know you, collect information on your pets habits and behaviors as well as some general information.