Shake A Leg!  - Professional and Loving Care for Pets

My name is Jodie LaRosa and I am thrilled to be part of the Shake a Leg team! I have been a animal lover for as long as I can remember. Growing up my family home was always filled with pets, and the very first thing I did when I got an apartment of my own was adopt a cat. Currently our house is home to three rescue dogs (our 16 plus year old Chihuahua Lucy, a fun and spunky JRT/chi mix named Pickles, and a silly and lovable Beagle named Woody) as well as our four school aged boys!  In addition to playing with and walking dogs for Shake a Leg, I enjoy volunteering at Protectors Of Animals as a dog walker (pictured with me is Brownie, a former resident of the POA who recently found his forever home - yay!) as well as working as a substitute teacher at my children's school.  I love all animals but have a special place in my heart for elderly pets, as well as those that may need a little extra guidance and socialization to be the best family members they can be. (team member since 2015)

Nicholas Hattam is a recent transplant to Amston, CT having previously moved from Woodbridge but originally being from Wisconsin. He is currently enrolled in a Creative Writing program but much of his time in Connecticut has been spent giving in-home care to his grandparents, both on his mother and father’s side, while also participating in theater, such as helping with AHM’s 2015 production of “Hello Dolly.”
He is very excited to be a part of the Shake a Leg! team and has had a great deal of experience caring for a wide range of animals. Having grown up on a horse ranch in Wisconsin he didn’t just help with the larger animals, but the indoor and outdoor cats and the family’s three dogs—A Coonhound named Luke (who was ironically scared of loud noises,)  a rambunctious Black Lab named Whitby, and a big fluff ball of an Irish Wolfhound named Dusty. Those times gave him a wealth of practical knowledge for handling animals of all sizes. The menagerie is much smaller these days, though no less loved, with only Phoebe, his family’s lovable rescue mutt going on her 13 year and still wagging.

While this is his first time working with a pet sitting company, he has been employed by friends, family, and friends of the family to do the same while they are away for vacations and the like. These jobs have included dogs and cats, as well as a few koi fish! He is looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful pets and helping their families make sure they always have the love and care that they deserve.  

(team member since 2016)